STEAMERS IN THE AUSTRALIA          
                                     & NEW ZEALAND PASSENGER
                               AND IMMIGRANT TRADE
                                   UP TO 1914

Sophia Jane (256 tons) – The first steamship (a paddle steamer) to
                            arrive in Australia.  From a painting by Charles Dickson Gregory, depicting                          
                            her arrival at Sydney on 15 May, 1831. in his book “Australian
                            Steamships Past and Present”.

                     RELATED WEBSITES with pictures of ships which carried
                            people to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND:-

   1.    Where to find pictures Sail and Steam ships up to 1914:

    2.    A Picture Gallery of Steam and Motor Ships, 1918-1970s:

3.    A Picture Gallery of Sailing ships from the 1850s to the

4. Pictures of Sailing ships which went to New Zealand from
    Sir Henry Brett’s two volumes “WhiteWings”:

5. Watercolours of sailing and other ships by Jack Spurling and
     Antoine Roux and his three sons (Antione-fils, Frederique and 
     Francois) of Marseilles:

6.  19th Century Ship Portraits in Aquatints, Lithographs and


                             S.S. Great Britain (3,443 tons). The first ocean going iron hull screw
                             steamer built in 1843.  From 1852, the Great Britain spent twenty-two
                             years on the Australian run from the Gold Rush years of the 1850s  to
  From a painting by
Charles Dickson Gregory at the  State
                             Library  of Victoria (H25936).

 Ships In the Gallery Are Displayed by Companies
 and most are listed by companies in:

To Find A Ship You Can Either Go Directly to the
 Company Gallery (see below) OR by finding the
  Ship’s name and Company in the Alphabetic

                                               Ship Name Beginning With:-
                               (Click on the letter)

                    A - B - CDE - FG - H - I - J - K - L - M -
                    N - O - - Q - R - S - TU&V - W - XYZ                       

                         CLICK ON THE TWO LETTER KEY FOR THE

               Australian Royal Mail Steam Navigation Co.- AR

                Australind Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.- AU

               Aberdeen White Star (G. Thompson & Co.) – AW

                Blue Anchor Line Ltd.(Wm Lund & Sons - BA

               Blue Funnel Line (Alfred Holt & Co) - BF

                 British India Associated Steamers Ltd. - BI

                James P. Corry & Co. – CO

              China Navigation Co. (Butterfield & Swire) -CN

              Currie Line of Melbourne - CU   

                           Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Co.Ltd - EA

                      European & Australian Royal Mail Co, Ltd – EU

                  Early Steamship ES

                     Federal Steam Navigation Co. – FE

                  General Screw Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. –GS

               Liverpool & Australian Navigation Co. – LA

              Messageries Maritimes – MM

                 Norddeutscher Lloyd - ND

             New Zealand Shipping Co. – NZ

             Orient Steam Navigation Co. including
                    Joint Service (1878-1909) with
Pacific Steam Navigation  Co. - OR
               Oceanic Steamship Co. (“Spreckles” line) – OS

             Pacific Mail Steamship Co. - PM
                 Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation

        Co. Sail Auxiliary Steamers, 1852-1878 – PO1

            Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation
                    Co., 1879-1914 – PO2 
             C.T.B. Royden & Co. – RO
                 Ships from Hamburg
                   Australia-Sloman Line A.G. 
                   Deutsche-Australische Dampfschiffs
                   Gesellschaft (German-Australian Line)

Shaw Savill & Albion – SS

             Tyser Line – TY

                Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand – UN

              Money Wigram & Co. - WG

                A. Watts , Milburn & Co.( Anglo-Australian  
        Steam Navigation Co.) - WM

               White Star Line (Oceanic Steam Navigation
        Co.) - WS

              World War 1: Ships in the First (1914) and
      Second (1915) Convoys from Australia,
                     and other ships requisitioned- W1


                    S.S. Arawa I (5,086 tons). An early steamship of Shaw Savill & Albion 
                  which made its maiden voyage to New Zealand in late 1884.  From a
                  watercolour by Charles Dickson Gregory at the State Library of
                  Victoria (H13771)

                  How Details of Ships, Images and their
Are Displayed

                    A, Above Image, left hand side:
                    1.  Ship’s Name;
                    2.  Construction: w-wood, i-iron, st-steel ;
                    3.  Propulsion: one screw-scs, twin screws-2scs;
                    4.  Sail Auxiliaries: number of masts and rig:
                           bk-barque-3masts with yards on two masts,
                           bkn-barquentine-3 masts with yards on foremast,
                           br-brig-2masts with yards on both masts,
                           bgn-brigantine with yards on foremast
                    5.  Gross tonnage;

                    6..  Year of Completion;
                    7.  Place of Construction

                    B. Below Image, left hand side
                                   If known, the name of the artist, engraver,
                         lithographer or photographer who created
                         the image.

                    C. Below Image, right hand side:
                         The source of the image – museum, library,
                         book, periodical or website.


                           S.S. Chusan (700 tons) .   The first P & O liner to open a service  
                      to Australia.  Arrived  in Sydney  in August, 1852. From a watercolour
                      by Charles Dickson Gregory at the  State Library of Victoria (H.13782)

                       A. Museums & Libraries

                           Picture Australia -
(Provides access to pictures from all
Australian National and State
Libraries and Museums.)              

                              National Library of Australia,                
                         Australian National Maritime Museum

 National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK                           

                         State Library of New South Wales, Sydney

                               State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

                                    State Library of South Australia, Adelaide                                                               


                     S.S Orient (5,390 tons),  Orient liner which made its maiden voyage to
                     Australia in 1879. From a lithograph after T.G. Dutton at the National
                     Maritime Museum, Greenwich, U.K. (PAH5285) 

                     B. Internet      

                                     "Old Ship Picture Galleries”              

 Messageries Maritimes

                          Shaw Savill & Albion



                       R.M.S. Niagara (built in 1913)- Transpacific liner of Union S.S. Co. of                          
                       New Zealand. From a card.


                              C. Artists & Photographers
                                     Allan C. Green, Australia,
                  photographer, 1878-1954     
                                Charles Dickson Gregory,
                    Australia. artist, 1871-1941     
                             Frederick Charles Gould, 
                                       Great Britain, photographer
          c. 1840 - 1914         
                                        David Alexander de Maus,
                             New Zealand, photographer,
                           Harold John Graham, Great
                              Britain, artist, 1858-1929

                              Thomas Goldworthy Dutton,
                              Great Britain, artist and                                          
lithographer, 1819-1891
                                        Samuel Walters,  Great Britain,
                               artist and lithographer.


                         W. Blanchard, Great Britain,
                            William Clark, Great Britain,
                      artist, 1803-1883
                         William Livermore, Australia,
                     photographer, c. 1850 - 1925 


                                   S.S. Natal (4,106 tons).  The Messageries Maritime liner which
                        inaugurated a service from Marseilles to Australia in 1882. From a

                        D. Books                                                                                                                                 

                             Arnold Kludas’ “Die Geschichte Der Deutschen
                                   Passagier-Schiffarht", Vol. 1, 1850-1890 &
                                   Vol.2, 1890-1900 (WeltbildVerlag, Augsburg 1994)
                           “The Advent of Steam – The Merchant Ship
                                   Before 1900” Editor – Robert Gardiner                
                          (Conway Maritime Press 1993)
                             Charles F. Morris’ “Origins, Orient And Oriana
                         (Toredo Books Ltd, Brighton, England 1980)

                              Dickson Gregory's "Australian Steamships Past
                                    and Present" (The Richards Press
Ltd, London 1928)                               
                              Edwin Drechsel’s “Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen:
                                   1857-1970”, Vol. I (Cordillera Publishing Co.,
                         Vancouver 1994) 
                            Frank C. Bowen’s “The Flag of the Southern Cross –
                                  The History of Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Limited
                                  1858 – 1939” (Shaw Savill & Albion Ltd., Nov. 193
                          Ian Farquhar's "The Tyser Legacy. A History of the
                                  Port Line and its Associated Companies.

                                  Zealand Ship & Marine Society (Inc), Wellington
                              Ian Farquhar's "Union Fleet" (New Zealand Ship &  
                                  Marine Society Inc. , edition 2001)

                            John M. Maber’s “North Star To Southern Cross”
                       (T. Stephenson & Sons Ltd. Prescot, Lancs 1967)
                              W.A. Laxon, I.J. Farquhar, N.J. Kirby & F.W.
 "The Histories of the New Zealand Shipping
                                  Company, Federal Steam Navigation Company And
                                  Their Subsidiaries" (World Ship Society, Gravesend,
                                  England 1997)                             
                            W.A. Laxon & F.W. Perry's "The British India Steam
                                  Navigation Company Limited" (World Ship Society,
                                  Kendal, England 1994) 
                              Otto J. Seiler's "Australien Fahrt" (E.S. Mitler &Sohn
                                  GmbH, Herford-Bonn 1985)
                              Marischal Murray's "Ships and South Africa"(Oxford
                             University Press 1933)                                 
                              Captain H. Parker & Frank C. Bowen's "Mail And
                                  Passenger Steamships Of The Nineteenth   Century”
                                  (J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia 1928)             
                            Stephen Rabson & Kevin O'Donoghue's "P&O: A
                                 Fleet History"(World Ship Society, Kendall,
                                 England 1988)  
                              Ross Gillett’s “Australian Ships”(Child & Associates,
                                  Sydney, 1989)
                           Captain R. McDonell’s “Build A Fleet Lose A Fleet”
                                  (Hawthorn Press, Melbourne 1976)
                          Ronald Parsons’ “Steamers In The South” (Rigby,
                              James Taylor's "Ellermans A Wealth of Shipping"
                                   (Wilton House Gentry, London 1976)

                              W.A. Laxon’s “The Currie Line Of Melbourne”
                                   (Nautical Association of Australia, Melbourne 2002)                                      

                              Will Lawson’s "Pacific Steamers" (Brown, Son &
                                   Ferguson, Ltd, Glasgow 1927)
                            William Olson’s “Lion Of The   China Sea – A History
                                   Of The E & A Line” (P & O Australia Limited,
                                   Sydney 1976)   



                                       Norddeutscher Lloyd opened a monthly mail service to Australia in 1886.  
                          Three of the Barossa Class  - Friedrich der Grosse, Barbarossa and
                          Koenigin Luise - each of over 10,500 tons and twin screw propulsion, were
                          used interchangeably between the North Atlantic, Australian and Far 
                          East routes from the time of their completion in 1896.  From Otto J. Seiler's
                          "Australien Fahrt" (VerlagE.S. Mittler & Sohn Gmbh, Herford-Bonn1985) 

                                        E. Periodicals

                             Illustrated London New              
                            Illustrated Sydney News
                                Ships in Focus Record
                        (Issue No. 1, 1996 – Fleet in Focus:
                                    Australind Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.)

                                Ships in Focus Record
                                    (Issue No. 23, 2003 - Photographer in
                                    Focus: William Livermore of Sydney
                                    by Ian Farquhar)
  Ships in Focus Record (Issues No. 35,
                                   2006, & No.36, 2007, Pts. I &  II. 

in Focus: David de
                                   Maus” by Ian Farquhar


                                     S.S. RIMUTAKA I (4.474 tons).  In New Zealand Shipping Co. service  
                            to New Zealand with emigrants and carrying lamb carcasses to Great
                            Britain  on the return journey. Made its maiden voyage in 1885 and was
                            sold in 1899. From a watercolour by Jack Spurling.in Warren Moore's
                            "Spurling Sail and Steaam"(Grosset & Dunlap, New York 1980)




                                     The author can be contacted by email at:


                                 Jack Spurling's "Hail and farewell" in L. Cope Cornford's "A Century
                           of Sea Trading" (A & C Black Ltd, London 1924)



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